Aqualok Infuse - Water Bottle

Branded & Delivered in 8 days

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The Aqualok Infuse features a fantastic infuser lid that allows you to add and lock in your favourite fruits or vegetables to your daily drinking water. Just like our standard Aqualok model, the Aqualok Infuse is made from the durable translucent Tritan™ plastic and also features a secure-lock lid to prevent any unwanted spillages. There are enlarged branding areas on two sides of the bottle and also around the lid, which is a popular branding area to print with bespoke names via our Individual Naming service.


Fantastic branding area for your logo, slogan and more

Secure no-spill lid

Reusable and environmentally friendly

Extremely popular at Events and Conferences

Ergonomic shape

Made from durable Tritan™ material

BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe

Recent Reviews of Aqualok Infuse

18 Apr 2024
Our customer service rep
Our customer service rep, Ellie, was absolutely wonderful to work with. And we love the company and all it stands for. We were very pleased with how the imprinted product turned out!
23 Nov 2023
Great communication and readiness to…
Great communication and readiness to help :) Great service, absolutely no complaints!
Aifheli Maumela
25 Jul 2023
Aqualok Infuse and Metal Water Bottles
Ordered the Aqualok Infuse and Metal Water Bottles. Both products are as expected; the art is awesome, big and bold. I have them both on my desk for staff to comment and it looks like the yellow bottle with our logo in black is getting great reviews. The color of the bottle itself stands out!
Flo Long
5 Jul 2023
Quality, brilliant service & quick lead times
Dental Warehouse
25 May 2023
Quick respond & Pro service
Anthony helped our company order multiple wonderful cup, he is professional sales and provided excellent products to us.
Coco II
9 May 2023
Very clear and efficient order process.
Very clear and efficient order process. Quick delivery from approval of artwork and placement of order
David M


Aqualok Infuse
Printable Cardboard Tube

Our Cardboard Tube is a fantastic value-added accessory that securely stores your Branded Promotional Product inside. The Tube is made from a premium high-density cardboard which is produced from 60% recycled materials. We can brand both the lid and the tube itself with your logo, slogan, website address and more. 

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Aqualok Infuse - Water Bottle

Branded & Delivered in 8 days

Delivery Canada-Wide

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Color hybrids are possible. Choose 2 different standard colors for distinct parts.

500ml / 17oz
750ml / 25oz
RoHS This product fully conforms to RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances). View Certificate

Screen Printing

Area Side: 66mm X 105mm
Area Top: 170mm X 13mm
Area Top: 170mm X 13mm
Area Side: 70mm X 115mm

Laser Engraving

Area Top: 90mm X 12mm
Area Top: 90mm X 12mm

Branding Area designated by
Aqualok Infuse 500
Height: 186mm (7.32 inches)
Diameter: 70mm (2.76 inches)
Weight: 141 grams (4.97 ounces)

Aqualok Infuse 750
Height: 238.6mm (9.39 inches)
Diameter: 73.5mm (2.89 inches)
Weight: 160 grams (5.64 ounces)

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